Love this pharmacy. I was so tired of the horrible customer service of Rite-Aid on 1st Ave/5th St. Everyone at Avalon is so helpful from the check-out people to the pharmacist himself. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a non-chain pharmacy.

M H. New York, NY from Yelp

I keep meaning to review Avalon -- it is such a great antidote to the living zombie hell that is Rite Aid and the sullen service at ProCare. These guys are lightning fast (almost all of my prescriptions filled in 15 minutes), there's almost never a wait, and if they can't reach your doc about a refill or if your insurance company won't pay for something, they take the initiative and call you. Calvin the head pharmacy guy is a doll, supersmart and competent. The truncated hours can be a pain, yes, but the service is unbeatable. And it's nice to support a small business in the nabe.

marjorie i. New York, NY from Yelp

I wish all pharmacies were like this These are the nicest, most competent pharmacists and store owners around. They have always tried to help out in any way they possibly can with last minute scripts, getting things done ASAP, etc. Really, I wish all people were like this. And there is always a friendly person to answer the phone immediately. My whole family loves this place... and it is only a pharmacy!

Anonymity from Google

I'd pay double to get this kind of service.
nuff said.

AWKWORD A. Manhattan, NY from Yelp

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